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Obscure Fandom Challenge

For the love of forgotten fandoms

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Congratulations to our July BINGO winners astraplain, capoupascap, chichiri_no_da and mistertalbot!

There are a lot of wonderful fanfic and fanart challenges out there, but this one was created to fill a particular niche. Do you find that sometimes in rushing to contribute in excitement to all of the wonderful popular fandoms that you discover, you forget about some of our old favourites? Or maybe there's a fandom you love that no one else seems to have discovered yet, and you wish you could find more people who love it too, or at least find fics written or art drawn about it.

Well if that sounds familiar, this is the challenge community for you.

On the fifteenth of each month a new challenge will be posted in the community. It could be as simple as a set of themes to choose from and write a story or draw a picture about, or it could be a double-blind gift fic/art challenge a la Yuletide. Each member of the community then can pick a fandom from the list of 'accepted' fandoms, (i.e., fandoms that the moderator thinks are small enough to qualify as 'obscure'). Starting on the first of the following month and continuing to the last day of that month, people can post their answers to the challenge.

If that was confusing, lemme explain: May 15th a challenge will be posted for June and you can start posting your fics or artwork on the 1st of June. On June 15th, while we're still receiving submissions on the previous challenge, a new challenge will be posted. This gives you two weeks to finish up the challenge and think about what you're going to do for the next one. If I mess with this timeline, I'll give notice.

If the challenge that month seems like too much work, feel free to skip it and come back the following month. If you think we've missed a fandom that fits the criteria, give us the suggestion in the 'suggestion box' post and we'll add it to the list. Also, if you have a great idea for a future challenge, comment about it to the suggestion box as well. The purpose of this community is to celebrate those small fandoms that are so often overlooked and under-represented, and to have an excuse to contribute in some small way to them. The moderator certainly isn't familiar with every fandom on the list, and likely if she were, they wouldn't be obscure enough.

Please be aware that this community is open to all pairings (slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, and heterosexual), and all types of material from gen to NC-17 hardcore kink/death/angst/stuff. The community is considered a WANK FREE ZONE. Anyone causing wank (especially over pairings - get a grip people!) will feel the wrath of the moderator's Hammer of Bannination. In addition, warnings and lj-cuts are required, not just expected. Please post your contribution to the challenge to the community before the deadline each month, and ensure to read the rules carefully before embarking.

Community Rules

  1. Check out and follow the rules for each challenge. This should be fairly obvious. Because the challenge for each month will be different, the individual post for that challenge will include everything you need to know about that challenge. Go to the appropriate links in the sidebar to check the rules at any time through the month.

  2. If you have any questions - just ask! The moderator receives email notifications. If the rules for a challenge are unclear, post a comment in the challenge post and ask your question. Chances are, you aren't the only one who's confused.

  3. If you're going to be late on your challenge, post it anyway! If you finish your story or fanart and you're too late to meet the deadline, go ahead and post it anyway, just include somewhere which challenge it was for. I'm sure someone will be interested in it, even if it's late. Accompanying that, if the fic/artwork is supposed to be a gift of some kind and you're going to be late (shame on you!) please try to let me know early so I can try to find a pinch hitter or at least warn your recipient.

  4. Put the proper warnings! I can't emphasize this enough. I mean, don't feel the need to spoil your story with warning about every teeny thing, but everyone has squicks, and some people (like yours truly) can't hack certain things, like deathfics. And this goes for graphic or disturbing themes in artwork as well. If in doubt, please put a warning.

  5. Please please please comment if you like someone's work. Another thing I can't emphasize enough. We're here to contribute to the fandoms that don't get enough love, so let's show lots of love to each other. Along with that, if you feel the need to offer constructive criticism (which is awesome), please be sensitive and email the person privately if you're worried about how it might be taken. If it's simply meanspirited, bitch about it in your personal journal and don't hurt the author's feelings.

  6. Tag your entries. Entries will be tagged by fandom, and by challenge, to aid people in finding them in the future.

  7. Go forth and post. Don't just let your stories and artwork languish in obscurity here, go out and find communities and places to post those works, and post them. Hey, maybe you'll bring a dead community back to life.
  8. Don't be a dick. Nuff said. The moderator doesn't want to have to ban anyone or give anyone strikes, but she will if you make her. Let's just all have some fun and do some writing in awesome small fandoms, shall we?

  9. If you're worried about the content of your story go ahead and post it over in the Insanejournal Mirror of the site. You can post a link here so the Livejournal people will see it, as well.

Post Header

Please use this handy-dandy posting form for posting unless otherwise indicated in the challenge. In the title of the post, include the title of the work and the fandom.


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